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Claremont NH August 2017 Site of State's First Lynching TW: Lynching, child, racism

How this story has not gotten more national press I do not know. Oh Kristof did not write the article he just put it on his site.








This attached article needs to be passed around. This surviving young child’s story needs to be told. The nation needs to know that in 2017 lynching do occurs even where none has happened before.


New England I admit is racist. I never dreamt New Englanders would lynch an 8 year old boy. Yes 8 years old. A biracial child playing with his 11 year old sister hung by teenagers who had previous thrown sticks and said racial epitaths at him.

The child did survive though a doctor said he should not have.

Other articles refer to what the teens were doing as a game. Bullshit.

For a week Claremont police said nothing. Makes me wonder how many lynching happens and the police surpress or refer to as something else.

This is an excellent article. Please share this article. Its a pity this is not bigger national news. We need to examine the extent of racism with teenagers today. Is this isolated? What are parents and other adults teaching them as they grow?

Is this just the start due to being in the Age of Trump where racism is supported and racists are thought of as victims to imaginary ideas.


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