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Clarisonic Mia: is this normal?

My sister gave me my Christmas present early. A Clarisonic Mia brush.

WOOHOO! YIPPY! Let's start getting all that dirt and shit out of my pores. This is going to be great!


I used it yesterday for the first time and was kinda surprised by how rough it felt, even with the sensitive brush head that it came with. And I was even more surprised by how red and irritated my not-typically-crazy sensitive skin was after using it. My face was pretty red and flaky as hell. I woke up this morning and my face looked like it had a slight sunburn and it's itchy. What the hell?


I've used other face brushes (including a CVS brand!) and this never happened. I know that a lot of people experience a "purging" period after they begin using the Mia, but I'm sort of scared to continue using it now. Maybe it's just too rough for me? Odd, because I really don't have sensitive skin.

Do any of you have one? Did this happen to you? I've checked MUA and a lot of people mention zits popping up but I couldn't find anything about the redness and itching. If this is normal then I want to keep using it and see if it will eventually subside, but I don't want to keep torturing myself with a device that just doesn't like me.

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