Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Normally, I refuse to do this, because I hate "I got mainpaged and now I will complain about the trolls" posts. They're unnecessary, they're narcissistic, and they accomplish nothing other than self-aggrandizement.


There's an interesting thread running through most of the trolls I'm getting on the Class Privilege article, and it's one that's important enough that I feel it deserves its own discussion. I probably should've expected to see this, and yet it still surprised me a bit. The vast majority of the trolls involve insulting me for being "poor"...as if "haha you're poor" is somehow an insult along the lines of "haha you're stupid." I find this incredibly telling — not only is being poor a "less than" situation in their eyes, but any poverty I may or may not have (which is funny, because nowhere do I say anything about my situation) is automatically my own doing.



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