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Class Privilege:A Reasoned Discussion in Which I Say "Fuck" A Lot

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So, this article is on Gawker about a 22-year-old who just purchased a $250,000 apartment in Manhattan, and I am about to put on my Ragin' Boots and head down to the Fuck You Rodeo.

It (along with the comments about it) are the most privilege-blind thing I have ever fucking seen. First, she was spending $2100 a month on rent, which...I mean, you're spending that much on rent (even in NY), you've got better than a craptacular minimum-wage job. Second, she had $50,000 saved up, and she very quickly glosses over the fact that it was primarily a gift from her family (my mom gave me $100 last year and I was so shocked I literally thought I was dreaming) to focus on that it was supplemented by retail income she'd been earning for years (which means she worked a part-time job and had no expenses because her family was paying for everything, so she's doubly privilege-blind). Throughout the article she keeps referring to herself as "normal."

No, you fucking dipshit, you are NOT "normal." Your family having money does NOT make you "normal" in America, it makes you Really Fucking Lucky (and also Probably White). We live in a country where the vast majority of wealth is now entrenched wealth, and social mobility barely even exists, and yet these young rich fuckhats have the GALL to act like they weren't born on third base and think they hit a triple? Fuck you. Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you, and fuck anyone who doesn't understand that poor != lazy.

This is why I fucking hate children of privilege who cannot acknowledge their own privilege. Does being rich or growing up rich make you a bad person? Of course not! But growing up rich and then refusing to acknowledge that your success in life is at least partially (read: mostly) due to EXTREMELY good fortune makes you a fucking idiot.

Admitting that you drew a straight flush when the cards were handed out in life doesn't make you lesser for it. Plenty of people start from that point of success and then actually do something to contribute to society. Many of them also realize that other people weren't so lucky and don't go to the "well, poor people must be poor because IT'S THEIR OWN FAULT" class-privileged horseshit well every time someone mentions that maybe we shouldn't try to take from people who have so little as it is. Anyone who says the words "if you work hard, you WILL be successful in life" makes me want to slam my head in a door until I can't feel feelings any more.

I just can't with these people any more. I just fucking can't. This is what the French aristocracy looked and acted like before the peasants beheaded them all. I'm not saying that's a viable route for us (it isn't), but Jesus, the American wealthy class are the most insufferable fucking human beings this side of MRA's and Ravens fans.

ETA: I really should've put this on Crosstalk and shared it to GT rather than the other way around, but I wasn't thinking. There was too much ragegasming going on.
ETA: Keep it coming, trolls. I FEED ON YOUR IMPOTENCE.
ETA: I'm fascinated by the fact that a lot of trolls reading this assume a) I don't have any money, and b) I don't understand my own privilege. As if somehow pointing out the privilege of the American Wealthy class means I'm automatically not aware of my own?


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