Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Today I had plans to meet up with my sister in law so the kiddos could get their picture with Santa together. Adorable, right? My niece is 10 months old, so she’s pretty flex about it. My 2.5 year old? Nope. On the way there he asked if Santa was stinky. I said of course not, maybe he smells like candy canes! we get there and he announces “I no like him”. Ok, let’s watch other kids get pictures! See how your cousin likes him? And we make a second attempt, not happening. And I’m not going to force him to sit on a stranger he doesn’t like, and cause a tantrum for Christmas... Because that would suck for him and Santa. So I just took a few pics of him with his cousin using their presents and trees background (they gave us permission as sil bought pics). So not a total loss.

Best part though? This convo.

Why don’t you want to see Santa? Weren’t you going to sit and tell him what you want?


A yo yo!

Right, a yo yo. But you tell that to Santa.

No. I no like him.

Why bud?

I no like him. Him gross. Him stinky. Santa is stinky. Choo choo now?

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