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Welcome To The Bitchery

Classical Music Friday!

ETA: Boy, when you guys deliver, you fucking DELIVER. <3 <3

I'm a big music fan (I have a radio show each weekend, so I kinda have to be) but one of my distinct pleasures is classical music. I've always loved it, ever since my mom bought us these little audio dramas called Classical Kids which introduced you to various composers. I listen to classical almost every day at work; there are no lyrics to distract me, but it still provides the aural stimulation that my ADD brain wants.


So what are your favourite classical pieces and composers? Right now one of my favourite pieces of all time, ever, is Symphony No 2 by Carl Nielsen. He's a modern composer from the 20th century and his stuff just gives me SO MANY FEELS. If you only listen to one part of it, skip to about 32:30 and listen to the end. OH MY FUCKIN' GAWD. For real, I've considered getting part of the score as a tattoo because it's so very beautiful. I've listened to that ending, oh, hundreds of times.

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