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Classy af

When I was in middle school, malls were still a thing. My poor mom would throw me and my bestie in her car, drop us off at the mall and go do mom things while we walked around, lookin suh cute. I say “my poor mom” because my bestie and I would friggin’ douse ourselves in Malibu Musk before the car ride. (Does anyone here remember Malibu Musk?!) Like, to the point that my mom would make us open the windows in the middle of cold, windy winters just so she could breathe. Of course, we thought she had no taste, lol. “You’re crazy! We smell AMAZING!” How did she not shove our snotty asses out the car doors?

Anyone here use and abuse scents when you were younger? Anyone else so classy as to use aerosol “perfume”?


I also had a bottle of Electric Youth perfume, lol. That pink spring around the spray tube was, like, the coolest!

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