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Sorry about the sharing/unsharing. I decided I wanted to put both articles in one post instead of sharing them separately, and anyway, when you share stuff, you don’t get to talk about it!

I am so happy that Claws was renewed for a second season! The women are not just “strong,” they are well rounded, with back stories. Even the baddies are good characters. I love Desna. I love Polly. I think they are the best developed, but we are only one season in.

The outfits slay me. Most of what Jennifer and Virginia wear make me go, “Who dresses like that?” Then I remind myself that it’s TV, and everybody on TV is way over the top. Desna, Quiet Ann, and Polly always look great. The stylist nailed them all.


It’s just a matter of time before Roller gets into some serious trouble for continuing to chase Desna, and I hope it doesn’t land her in hot water next to him. I wonder when the shit is going to hit the fan with Dr. Boyfriend, too. I wonder if he knows about Desna’s connection to Uncle Daddy. THAT will play out in an interesting way.

You can watch it online for free legally. You won’t regret it.


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