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"Clean Eating Challenge" Day 11

This day was so totally MEH. Today was the first day I felt like "Man, I cannot wait for this thing to be over so I can go back to eating real food." I know that it's just because today's food wasn't great, but still, it was rough.

Breakfast: I managed to make the kale smoothie better/less leafy than the last time. And I'm going to keep making kale smoothies, but when it's the best meal of the day, you know you've got a problem!


Lunch: Okay, this wasn't so bad, but I would add some greek yogurt or something to the tuna salad to make it a little creamy. As it was, the whole thing tasted fine but was just kind of falling apart.

Snack #1: I gave them the benefit of the doubt, because they said it would look gross, and the omelette with apples turned out to be delicious. But all I could think the whole time I was eating it was "what a waste of avocado! And bananas!"

Dinner: Okay, this was maybe tied with kale smoothie for best meal of the day. I would probably make this again. But still, tied with kale smoothie isn't exactly the highest of compliments.

Snack #2: I replaced the chocolate with the dates+almond snack I forgot to eat earlier in the week. It was good, but I was still just so unsatisfied with the entire day's food. I ended up snacking on some peanuts and strawberries, too.

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