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"Clean Eating Challenge" Day 12

Or "oh my god, I am so over it, did they save all of the worst recipes for last?"

Breakfast: I've already had this breakfast, and it continues to be pretty good.

Lunch: leftover chili, so again, I've had it before, but it was really filling when I was starving after a long class.


Snack #1: pears and peanuts are a great idea, but I stupidly sliced my pear info thin slices like in the picture and then put it all in a bag together so by the time I ate it at work, it was basically pear mush+peanuts.

Dinner: oh my god, why did I ever think I could tolerate cod? The salmon had gone so well in terms of me thinking I hated salmon but then it being alright, so I thought I would give the cod a chance. It was so awful and fishy and gross and I could only force myself to eat half of it before I had to throw it away. I made myself an omelet with some mushrooms I had left over, because I was still trying to be healthy, but all I wanted was a big pot of Mac and cheese. This dinner was seriously such a bummer that it made me want to give up on this whole thing. Cod sucks.

Snack #2: thanks to whoever commented last time on how to make hot chocolate from real chocolate. I added in some vanilla and this actually turned out okay. But I was still just so bummed about the dinner.

I'm still planning to try to keep up some of this when I'm done. But man, the subpar meals today and yesterday have really dampened my enthusiasm.

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