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Clean Eating Challenge, Day 13

So after all the whining I did yesterday about cod, today really helped make up for it. I'm back to feeling good about healthy eating. Yay!

Breakfast: the overnight oats were delicious, as usual. This is definitely something I plan on incorporating into my daily life.


Lunch: I really liked this one, and it was SO simple to put together, since it was all just different leftovers.

Snack #1: veggies + hummus, still awesome! I got a very big tub of hummus at Costco yesterday because I definitely plan on keeping this up.

Dinner: I subbed chicken for shrimp, but it was still really good, and all of the textures (the chicken/veggie mix, the lettuce wraps and the peanuts) worked really well together.

Snack #2: The apple/honey combination made me feel like it was Rosh Hashana, but that's not a bad thing!


I'm not quite done yet, but because I've been loving the structure of planned meals so much, I'm making another meal plan for the next week or two that I can go grocery shopping for tonight. So I'm welcoming any and all recipe suggestions! Because my life is pretty hectic, I'm looking for things that are (in order of preference) healthy, quick and cheap. Tasty is important too! And if you've been following along, you know how much I hate most seafood, so no fish recipes. Even if you don't have specific recipes, websites that are good for finding these kinds of meals are also welcome :)

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