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Clean Eating Challenge Day 14

Or "wheeeeee, I did it, you guys!!!"

Breakfast: yum! And I once again successfully flipped an omelet, and that continues to be exciting!


Lunch: I wanted to like this lunch more than I did. And at first I really did like it, but I think three portobello mushrooms is just too much. And I'm saying that as somebody who really likes mushrooms! But I honestly couldn't even finish the last one because I was too full and not really digging the taste of mushrooms as much anymore.

Snack #1: Loved it! I packed this with me to go to the beach with the Constable and it was the perfect post-swim snack.

Dinner: this was a solid meh. There was honestly just too many vegetables. I just had a giant plate stacked with vegetables and I didn't even know where to begin. It tasted fine, but after a while I just ended up fishing for the last pieces of chicken and throwing away the rest. I just couldn't get through all of it.

Snack #2: I subbed out the chocolate for a peach because I got a bunch of peaches at costco and I need to eat them all before they go bad. It's not on the meal plan but it was delicious!


Okay, now that I'm done, here are some things I wanted to say:

1. First and foremost, thank you guys so much for listening to me ramble on about all the food I've eaten over the last two weeks! It really helped motivate me to have people to talk to about all of this a and you've helped me out with excellent recipe ideas and suggestions on how to improve what I was doing.


2. Although it could be a little hit or miss (I'm looking at you, cod), I'm really glad that I tried new things and learned about things I liked and didn't like. I learned that I love lentils and that roasted vegetables can make for excellent meals. I don't feel the urge to have fennel again, but at least I've tried it!

3. It was way easier than I thought to only drink water, and I plan on keeping that up as much as possible. It's made me feel great!


4. I don't plan on sticking to anything quite so strict, but I'm trying to keep up the healthy eating and the meal planning. Yesterday I made my own meal plan for the week (using several recipes suggested by wonderful GTers!) and I'm really excited to try it out. It's not quite as "clean" and unprocessed - there were pre-made salads on sale at Costco that I stocked up on, because those are super convenient for days when I really just need to grab something and go in the mornings, but it's definitely much better than what my diet was before! I know that keeping up with this is going to be harder for me as school gets going, especially since I'm still learning a lot about cooking and planning meals, but I'm really hoping I'll be able to stick to it. It's honestly felt really really great to feel like I'm putting good stuff into my body and actually taking care of myself.

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