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"Clean Eating Challenge" Day 3

Or, oh my god, why didn't you guys tell me lentils were so delicious? It's like you've been hiding this magical delicious food from me, because you wanted it all to yourself. Not cool, guys.

But we'll get to that in a minute. Today was the first day I "cheated," except I don't consider it cheating it all because I figure this meal plan is more of a jumping off point and I was super hungry so I ate half a banana between snack #1 and dinner. Anyways, here's what I thought:

Breakfast: the parfait was super pretty, but I ended up destroying the layers very quickly after getting a spoonful of flax seed. Mixed up, it was much tastier!


Lunch: the chicken and vinaigrette were delicious, if I were making this not on the meal plan, I'd probably put some yummy yummy mandarin oranges in it.

Snack 1: I love avocados, so this was pretty much perfect. But again, I was hungry pretty quickly after this.

Dinner: this plan is KILLING it on dinners so far. I was super excited for this one, because the cauliflower steaks looked amazing. I'd never had lentils before, so I was really curious how they would turn out. Well, as you can tell, I've been converted to lentil love and the cauliflower steaks were just as good as I was hoping they'd be. Definitely making this again.

Snack #2: I don't know if I did this wrong or what, but mine didn't turn out nearly as pretty as theirs did. It was more like almond milk with bits of chocolate in it. I think I would have been happier just eating a piece of chocolate and drinking some milk.

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