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"Clean Eating Challenge" Day 4

Breakfast: I still for the life of me cannot flip an omelette, so these turned into more of scrambled eggs, but they tasted really good!

Lunch: lentils are still delicious.

Snack #1: I feel like there's not very much to say about good smoothies. Like this was a tasty smoothie, that pretty much tells you everything you need to know.


Dinner: I definitely like roasted fennel better than raw fennel, but I probably would have enjoyed this dinner more with a different roasted vegetable. Any suggestions? I really liked the idea of wilting the spinach by putting the roasted vegetable on top as soon as it came out of the oven. Would definitely do that again.

Snack #2: I probably could have gone without this snack. I really wasn't very hungry after dinner, I mostly just ate it because I felt like I was supposed to. Also, the dates tasted super sweet to me, maybe that's just because I haven't eaten a date in a while. Or maybe it's because I'm super cleansed already, and am now one of those people who thinks fruits are super sweet because they never eat real desserts.

Overall, not a super exciting day, but no complaints! I was really surprised I wasn't more hungry - I went to my first swim practice in 5 years, and I thought I'd be starving afterwards, but I was mostly just exhausted. Maybe I was too tired to feel hunger.

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