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"Clean Eating Challenge" Day 5

Breakfast: Delicious, but I still can't flip an omelette. Also, was a bit much. I was super full from this. I think if I were to use this plan as a guide and sub in my own changes (which I think I'd like to do when I finish it, it's super handy for making big batches of stuff that gets used in several dishes), I would have roasted the cauliflower for yesterday's dinner instead of the fennel, and just had another overnight oats or smoothie for today's breakfast, which would also be more convenient for days when I have really early classes. I am most definitely not a morning person!

Lunch: Yeah, fennel's definitely not my thing. I tried it. It was okay fresh out of the oven. And this salad tasted okay, but I would make something different next time. Also, something about it really upset my stomach - to be fair, though, I have really bad IBS that gets triggered by random things, so that's not necessarily the salad's fault.


Snack #1: I went to Ikea between lunch and snack #1, which was kind of stupid, because it took three hours for the whole trip with LA traffic, and by the time I got home I was STARVING. I had to seriously resist the Swedish meatballs at Ikea, but I held out and this was pretty filling when I finally got to it. But I also definitely was very generous in my measuring of the hummus, because hummus is delicious.

Dinner: This was my first time ever making salmon. In fact, I never really ate more than a bite of salmon before this year. Seafood's not really my thing (and I'm allergic to shellfish anyways), but the Constable's family is half pescatarians, so I've had to try salmon to be polite a couple of times in the last year, and decided it wasn't as totally gross as I remembered it. Which is still my opinion. I might make this dish again, but it would be more because I feel like I should try to get myself to like salmon than because I'm dying to have more. But if you like salmon, this would probably be really good!

Snack #2: I wasn't super hungry for the second snack, like yesterday. But I ate it anyways and it was delicious. The combination of blueberries and almonds was simple but kind of perfect.

And if any SoCal GTers haven't seen yet, LaChategris and I are having a pool party this Saturday! You should come!


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