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"Clean Eating Challenge" Day 6

Breakfast - LOVED this breakfast. Some of the chia seeds clumped up a bit, but whatever, I just ate around that.

Lunch - this was pretty good, even for a salad with salmon in it. I really liked the vinaigrette. But by the end, I was pretty sick of salmon.


Snack - who can complain about veggies and hummus? This also provided a much needed break from my extremely unsuccessful attempts at assembling ikea furniture.

Dinner - definitely one of the slower meals to cook, in my opinion. I was pretty hungry by the time it was finally finished cooking. I'm not a huge chili person, but given that, it was still pretty tasty. I don't know if I'd make it again, but I would definitely incorporate a hearty soup like this that can be frozen for later into future meal planning.

Snack - nuts+berries continue to be an excellent idea.

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