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"Clean Eating Challenge" Day 7

Breakfast: This was my first time making poached eggs and I was shocked that they actually sort of worked. When I first dropped an egg in the water, it looked like I was just going to have an egg yolk with little white tendrils coming out from it, but by the time it finished cooking, I was able to pull out something that more or less looked like a poached egg. The meal as a whole I would say was only okay. It had you put way too much olive oil on it and asparagus is not the best for scooping up egg yolk. This was really the first time I missed bread, because asparagus, while tasty, just doesn't compare.

Lunch: This was a pretty quick and easy salad. Not too much to say about it, but I would make it again.


Snack #1: My clementine was really seedy, which was annoying, but otherwise this was a solid snack

Dinner: First of all, the dinner tasted MUCH better than I expected it to. I'm normally not a huge fan of tomato sauces, and I hadn't had collard greens in about a decade, but while I was sauntering them I tasted a leaf and thought, "Oh no. Apparently I hate collard greens! This is going to be a disaster!" But the whole thing combined actually tasted really good, and I liked the turkey meatballs a lot. But oh my god, this was so not worth the effort. Yeah, homemade tomato sauce is much better than store brand, but not two hours worth of cooking better, especially when it only makes two servings! I was already tired when I started cooking and I didn't get to start making dinner until 8, so I didn't get to eat until 10 and by the time I finally got to sit down and eat, I was so tired and hungry and grumpy. If I were to make this again after this is all over, it would definitely be with store-bought tomato sauce, "no processed foods" be damned. Also, I would probably make it with pasta. Yeah, the collard greens came out alright in the end, but they're still no pasta :)

Snack #2: I honestly almost forgot to eat this snack because of the whole "being exhausted after making dinner" thing. I got 85% dark chocolate, and while I normally like dark chocolate, this was just a little too bitter for my taste and I couldn't even finish it.

Overall, this was definitely the hardest day for me so far. Both because of the complaints above, but also because I went to a local fair with some friends after lunch, where everybody else got burgers and funnel cakes and sno cones, and I just kicked myself for not bringing my snack, because after walking a mile and a half there and back and looking at all of the food at the fair, I was so hungry. I'm still glad I'm doing this, and I can feel that my body is appreciating what I'm putting into it. But man, saying no when my friend was offering me a bite of funnel cake was so hard! And figuring out how to go about my life while sticking to a plan like this is definitely something I'm still learning. One thing I need to remember is to err on the side of bringing snacks with me when I'm not sure if I'll be home when I'm supposed to have a snack, because this is the second time I've thought, "Should I bring my snack with me? Nah, I'll totally be back in time" and then later regretted it. And I am not someone who deals with hunger well!

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