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"Clean Eating Challenge" Day 8

Whoo, halfway done!

Breakfast: this smoothie tasted really good, but I would recommend drinking it fast - the yogurt in the smoothie got a little weird if I let it sit too long.


Lunch: Shakshuka!!!! Okay, this wasn't the best shakshuka I've ever had, but that's because I've had really really good shakshuka. I also overbooked the eggs a little bit, probably because the eggs from the day before were a little undercooked and I over corrected. But still, shakshuka is delicious and this one especially kept me really really full.

Snack #1: almond butter and strawberries are reaaaaaaally good together. 10/10, would definitely have again.

Dinner: The dinner was delicious, but this was another one that took so long to make that I'm not sure if I'd do it again. I ate an extra snack (clementine and almonds) while cooking it just because I got hungry waiting for everything to finish.

Snack #2: I totally forgot to eat this snack because dinner took so long to make and I had to go to bed super early because I start school today and have an 8 am class. (Whoo, wish me luck!) I'll probably substitute this snack for the next time it has me eat chocolate, since the dark chocolate I bought was too bitter for me last time.

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