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I am spending my day cleaning and doing chores. The majority of this has been spent with online banking (thanks Russian thieves for making me have to change all my auto-pay accounts, again). The next largest portion is vacuuming and dusting because my allergies are not doing well since we had to shut the windows. I ordered a HEPA filter this morning and just vacuumed the basics, the couch, and under the couch (eww). I’ve emptied the vacuum canister 3x already for just the downstairs and a quick pass upstairs. Boyname did upstairs thoroughly last weekend. I use a facemask but still I’m wheezing pretty good. I have an air filter on loan so I’m going to move that to the living room to let it settle down while I go outside for fresh air and to clean out the garden.

I have my upbeat music station on and some wine in the fridge chilling because I deserve it! What do you do while cleaning to make it go better?


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