I think the humans, bears, cats, and dogs of GroupThink are pretty much the smartest bunch of sentient lifeforms on (and probably off) the internet. So! Onward.

When I do a google search for cleaning silver jewellery with gemstones (which I acknowledge makes it sound like I want to use the gemstones to clean my jewellery) I receive over 700,000 results. I don't know those people. I don't know how smart they are.

This pendant is the defining, most beloved (and most expensive) piece of my collection. What's kind of hilarious is that the flash from my camera makes it look shinier than it actually is! It is, in fact, pretty much charcoal-grey-verging-on-black all the way around the branches and the stars. I can't get in there with my silver polishing cloth. Anybody have any tips tried and true methods? The stone is star diopside* and is very lovely and I do not, do not, do not, want to cause it any harm. I am 100% willing to go in there with a toothbrush or a toothpick to get into the crevices, rather than soaking it. I would spend an entire afternoon cleaning my precious here (and any number of the other pendants and earrings I might have).

*if you squint you can actually see my hands reflected in it. :)