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Cleaning Lady Dilemma

My dad, who is 87, owns a weekend cottage and a few years ago I hired a cleaning lady for him. So far, she has pulled the bannister out of the wall (Literally, in the correct usage), broken two vacuum cleaners, and several window shades, and she is ridiculously overpaid since she only does 1/3 of the house each time she comes. Since the bannister incident in which shee clearly must have been falling down the stairs, I've been worried she'll hurt herself in his house. Also, it's very hard to communicate with her because - I don't know why, she's American. Anyway, I was always glossing over these things because she is reliable and honest... so I thought. Now I find that she's been drinking his soda and juice (which totally squicks me out, because what if she drinks it straight out of the bottle?) and very likely taking paper towels and sponges and other supplies. I realize these are things of small value, but I have to be able to trust people working in my or Dad's home and the juice thing just has my stomach churning, but I feel guilty firing her. I FEEL SO GUILTY. I am sooo tired of adulting right now, it's adulting squared when you have to take care of your own shit and also that of an aged Parent. This week's other adventure in adulting: Dad forgot to pay his 2012 income taxes. Any suggestions for how to do this firing thing, what to say?


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