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Cleaning Lady drama

Last week I crowdsourced advice on GT about this issue about firing a cleaning lady who was stealing our food and breaking a lot of things including pulling the bannister out of the wall at one point. So, I texted to her phone last week using the wonderfully sage and wise strategies and language suggested by fellow GT-ers. She never responded to the text, which did surprise me a little. By sheer coincidence, we did have the locks changed last weekend too, but not because of her. I don't live there at that house, it's my elderly Dad's weekend place, but I take care of his business (which is a whole OTHER drama-filled post coming your way but one thing at a time!).

So today, apparently, she went there, couldn't get in, but was admitted by some contractors who were working outside, and she called me a little while ago to tell me Dad had forgotten to leave any money for her for this week. So I had to explain the whole thing to her again, and of course she denied that she (or her friend who accompanies her) would have done such a thing, etc., etc. I know it was one of them and not the contraxtors, as I did look into it before taking any action and had monitored what was in the house over a period of four weeks — it was definitely either her or her girlfriend. Anyway, we just had a horrible scene on the phone and I feel so miserably, terribly guilty and incompetent. I am SO SICK of adulting and it's so much worse when you are adulting for two!!

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