I have too many clothes and too many boxes and papers but not enough room. Or maybe I'm just not efficient. For one thing—papers have been driving me INSANE. I just tend to hoard papers, like credit card booklets (I make sure I'm paperless with statements because I would go nuclear over keeping all that paper), receipts, brochures, etc. I got rid of a bunch of them last week and today, but I never know what ot keep or what to toss. So I just hold on to them until I get rage-y over all the papers in my drawers.

And then clothes—I have nowhere to fit some of my sweaters anymore. I folded like 5 of them that wouldn't fit in my drawers and put stacked them on my desk chair. I need to spend tomorrow or Monday cleaning out my closet and dresser drawers.

Also—I'm a hoarder of pretty things. So if a box (e.g. like a gift box), catalogue, magazine, shopping bag, etc. looks cool—I'll keep it. But I don't know what for.

Anyway—I feel overwhelmed by all the shit that I have and that I hoard. Any tips?