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Where do you stand, GT? Riveting topic, I know, but like several of you, I’m doing the Apartment Therapy cure and am currently avoiding my kitchen, which I’ve managed to turn from mostly clean into something best avoided. A good morning, all in all. :/

So, the AT crowd seems very pro natural cleaning, and I usually am, too, but sometimes I still bring out the big guns. Day to day I use vinegar for damn near everything, baking soda for deodorizing and scrubbing, magic erasers, and a natural multi-purpose cleaner concentrate I use in the toilet, but today I’m cleaning the top of the kitchen cabinets. That calls for big guns, IMO. Know what the AT commentariat recommends?

Smearing everything with coconut oil (?! that shit’s expensive!) and then cleaning that up with dish detergent and water.



Seriously, I’d sooner die. I’m sure it works, but it sounds like a goddamned nightmare to me! So I popped down to Target, bought Fantastik extra super duper power strength with Scrubbing Bubbles and let me tell you something, that shit rocks. I cleaned the tops of the cabinets with paper towels, it was so easy. I wore gloves and a mask and removed the residue with vinegar. Mind blown.

I dare not bring this up on AT since I saw someone who suggested using Clorox toilet cleaner get shrieked at about killing her family, but let’s be real here: I’m deep cleaning EVERYTHING this month. Why should I make it even harder than it needs to be, and I think we’ll all survive a quarterly or semiannual use of the big guns.

Whatcha think, natural or hardcore? This month I’mma GITERDUN then go back to vinegar.

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