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Hello ladies and gentlemen. Last night, I decided to google myself. Since I'm in the market for better employment, I wanted to know what hits my name would yield. And honestly, I'm a little disturbed .


The following is a list of sites that seem to have gotten hold of my personal information.

  • muckrack
  • yatedo
  • radaris

With muckrack, it has my name and an email address of stormy.weather@muckrack.com and says that you can pitch a story idea to me, directly. I'm guessing they think I'm a reporter. I really do not like having my name used to promote their shitty service, especially since I have nothing to do with the company and the email form will probably spam to poor sap that will use it to try and contact me.


What's worst, these companies say I can take control of my profile, if I give them MORE information to prove I'm Stormy. Like hell I will. I filed bankruptcy and since the records are public, I'm sure that's how some of these places got my info. Plus, I used to work in entertainment and am listed in a number of credits for various projects, which I'm fine with.

But at least one of these companies looks like a trojan site. It looks like it scrubbed a FB friend's list to compile my profile.


So how do I get my info off? In my line of work, it's not possible to completely erase my web presence. But I would like to get my info off of these spammy sites. One of them even lists my complete former address, including apartment number! Do any of the tech savy jezzies out there have any advice?

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