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I think a local business was hacked by an insane person. I’m signed up to get weekly emails with the movies playing at a small local independent theatre, and got one this morning with the subject “Special God’s Holy Day Edition”. At first I just assumed it was either a joke or the owner had suddenly converted, but then I started reading. This is the weirdest, most racist, hateful, eclectic shite I’ve ever come across:


(version alpha 16.1)

I hereby declare the creation of the sovereign entity that tentatively shall be known as the Nation of Atlantis.

We are a globally distributed meritocratic democracy. Membership is open to all species of mankind, in fact, all intelligent entities that share our two unifying key principals:

We believe that intelligent life has a right to determine its own future; which especially means that the only acceptable form of manipulation of that entity’s will is by presenting argument consisting only of a full objective revelation of absolute truth honestly available. “We know better”, “trust us”, Etc., are all absolutely immoral.We believe that every entity that is not an active enemy has the right to exist. This specifically means that every human race and species has the right to exist as distinct races and species. Speciation is how evolution works. Species have a right to exist. To deny them that right is genocide. Armenians, Japanese, Swedish, Kenyans, Etc., all are natural allies of each other in preserving their species against the genocidal globalist parasites.

If your bloodline is already mixed, then you are a hybrid. If there are many hybrids of similar ratio to you, then you are already a group that may wish to form collectives like essentially all other races naturally do. While an individual choosing to mix is a disease of the mind; the bigger problem is more the rate of mixing, and most especially the forced mixing (‘forced-integration’) which uses the coercive tactics such as mentioned near the end of this declaration. Forced integration is genocide. People are free to mix, as that is one way that good traits can be shared across races in evolution; too high a rate of mixing however destroys the separate species, thus destroying the genetic diversity that drives evolution’s creativity. Likely, some mixed groups will get together and form their own mixed nations – some even where all mixes are welcome. Other mixes will want to diverge off into their own unique combination. Your value is not to destroy my race. It is to have a good life. My value is not to prevent your good life. My value is to not have my race destroyed. We are not in conflict. Let us work together to make this world better for everyone.


So, that’s only the first couple paragraphs of what must be pages and pages of insane rantings. It very quickly goes into specifically antisemitic crap about how Jews aren’t human, how ISIS is actually a Jewish conspiracy to slaughter humanity, and even more disgusting filth. It includes quotes from what appear to be Buddhist, Hindu, and Christian texts. It includes quotes like the following:

Realize what it means that there is a Creator.That he WROTE THE STORY.He chose the initial conditions that universal laws like prime numbers would shape with the calculation (evolution). He didn’t just choose the initial conditions, he knew exactly what it would be with what starting point; it is all deterministic. This I now know for a fact due to an unbreakable communion with God. For more mundane proof, you can see Pilot Wave Theory (deterministic) vs. Quantum Mechanic Theory Bullshit (parasite lies). Realize what that means! (Other than everything they teach you in University is a LIE). It means: EVERYTHING was planned EXACTLY by God, who is Pure Objective Ultimate Truth, and Pure Absolute Justice! It means that God didn’t just write some shitty story where he comes here as the protagonist, Sam, and then has to make concessions with Satan and its dick leeches — just because otherwise Satan and its slaves will feel backed into a corner, and not give up what power they think they have. I am here to bring about the END of Kali Yuga! TO UTTERLY VANQUISH!!! Why would God settle for anything less? Obviously he doesn’t have to, and won’t. The evil will be utterly punished! As Justice REQUIRES! They all get exterminated! They ARE patently objectively bad. They are BAD combinations of programming (DNA). They are EVIL as they chose evil instead of death (which was only an illusion, a test by God). Now, they DO get death (if they are lucky): they do not get to be part of eternity — unless they were bad enough, then they do, but BURNING IN HELL!

So now I’m just stuck wondering how many people out there actually believe this stuff.

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