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Cliff Jumping, The Review:

Do not jump barefoot. Do not jump barefoot. Do not jump barefoot.

(That was the review, in case you were wondering)

I went to Hermit falls today and did cliff jumping into the entirely-too-shallow pond from a 50 ft cliff. I hit the bottom on my second jump, hard, and it ripped the skin off the heel of my foot. Then I had to hike half a mile up to the parking lot on one foot.


There were probably 50 or more people at the swimming hole, so I guess it's more popular than I thought it would be. There were so many people on the cliff I was worried that someone was going to be shoved off. While we were there, someone else fell off a rock and hit his head, so I wasn't the only injury. Cliff jumping is apparently really dangerous, and someone died at Hermit Falls last year.

So, now I'm going to be doing nothing the rest of the weekend.

What's up with you guys GT? Weekend plans?

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