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Clingy New Friend

OK, so I live in a mostly-white small town in semi-rural WI. There is this guy I met a party a couple of times and he found out I was an Asian Studies major and has just CLUNG to me ever since. I accepted his friend request on facebook a few days ago and I have been messaged about 20 times and he has 'liked' all of my photos and posts. He's Taiwanese and Japanese and just misses speaking in Japanese -which I totally get. He wants to talk about Japanese and Taiwanese politics and talk about recipes.

He's incredibly lonely and doesn't work. He stays at home to take care of his aging father and messages his mother who is in Taiwan at the moment taking care of grandma. I get that he's lonely and in a tough spot. But...I'm starting to feel uncomfortable. I invited him to my NYE party because I'd like for him to meet more people but I don't know what to do. It's really hard feeling foreign in such an isolated place and I can tell he's attention starved. He's a little socially awkward but really harmless. Is there ever a way to politely tell somebody to cool down?


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