Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I got this yesterday for a dollar at a thrift shop. Remarkable turn around for a novel.

I just started. Oh dear god this is bad. It starts with the President, his lawyer and Chief of Staff facing a Congressional hearing.


Ok during the hearing the President kept getting angry and nasty to the Congressmen. Then poof you find out those Congressmen were really his staffers and this was a practice.

Oh the President is a veteran and former POW. Obviously McCain probably younger version.


If you are practicing would you really lose your cool? It did not soumd believable. Also how does Bill Clinton not know about closed door meetings where one can give Congress classified info? As I was reading this I kept thinking why doesn't someone mention this it will save a lot of anger.

Next we shift to a hired killer she is well trained and never fails.

I feel Agatha Christie, Earle Stanley Gardner and Robert Parker are cursing me.

I hope it gets better. Stay tuned. Does it?

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