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So this thread is a potential minefield, and if you're feeling sensitive, you may want to avoid it altogether. But . . .

Some posts last night got me thinking about GT "cliques" or "popular people" and I'm totally fascinated by this. Mostly because I have no idea who's in any clique at all (which, I know, makes me a nerd/loser). But also because it seems like others are all-to-aware of said cliques and even feel excluded from them, which I think is bad, but I have no idea how to counteract that since I have no idea who the popular people even are. I see GT as very non-hierarchical, but now I'm worried I'm being blind to something.


So is anyone brave enough to address this? Anyone want to admit to being popular? Anyone want to just generally describe any cliques and how they operate? Am I in a clique and don't even know it?? Anyone try to recruit you into a clique and you rebuffed them?

(This isn't an invitation to criticize a person or a group in any way; just to be descriptive rather than critical.)

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