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Closure, or something like it?

Hello gentle GTers,

As some of you know, I have been in the non-profit world since graduating from grad school way back when. It has been a nice 25 years or so, but a few months back my position was eliminated due to not enough funds coming in. Basically, since I was the fundraiser, they said "Major fail, badmutha. Here's a severance, be on your way." Cut to now, when I am working for another non-profit, but indirectly raising funds instead of being the sole person responsible. AND I LOVE IT.

Being the only person responsible for raising millions of dollars is damn stressful, and you don't get paid nearly enough for your efforts. I have had a long career, but I just don't want to do that anymore. Some people feel like I am ruining my career as a fundraiser, and have said so vehemently. Do I try to look for something back in the fundraising world, and if I don't, am I giving up? I feel kind of weird about walking away from that community, because I did a lot to help it grow. I just don't wanna play that crap game anymore! Help me with the feels, folks? Or just tell me about your weekend, either way.


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