The lovely and dedicated mail carrier brought me mail today, despite winter storm whatsit, and in the mix was a package from H&M with two sweaters and a skirt that I bought the other day on super-duper sale. YAY!! NEW CLOTHES!! Except, well, not so yay.

I've lost a lot of weight recently (hence the need for new clothes) and I guess I miscalculated.

Clearly, I am no longer an XL. That's good thing, yes, but it means that this pretty skirt, which is only available in XL, is waaaay too long and too big around the waist.

The black and white XL sweater I got? Also too big. I can't find it, now, to show it.


But this sweater (which was only available in a large and I thought for sure would be a bit snug) fits! YAY!!!

So, I guess I get to do some exciting returns. But I still have no warm clothes in the meantime.