I consider myself a fairly tolerant person. I understand that different people have different styles and for the most part I have a "live and let live" attitude toward the fashion choices of others. I'm not the type of person to tell my boyfriend what to wear. (Except when he tries to wear flip flops when it's raining. But that is a whole other post about my distress at seeing people not dressed for the weather. I'm looking at you, kids who wear shorts at the bus stop in the middle of winter.)

Anyway, as you could probably guess there is a "but" to my laissez-fair approach to my boyfriend's wardrobe. If I could throw away any item of clothing in his closet, I would not hesitate to toss out his terrible, tie-dyed, brown hoodie with huge seams. This was the closest I could find online, though his is a man's sweatshirt and with more brown:

I wish I could pinpoint exactly why this hoodie bothers me so much. Maybe it's because the maker took something bright and joyous like tie-dye and made it the color of poop. Maybe it's because my boyfriend looks like a cross between a hippie and a Jedi when wearing it. Maybe it's because the seams trick me into thinking the sweatshirt is inside out and I hate being confused. Whatever the reason, I can't help but roll my eyes every time he wears it, as much as I try to suppress the reaction because I really do believe that people should be allowed to pick their own outfits.

So does anyone in your life have a piece of clothing you would burn if you could?