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So, I mentioned a while back that I won a Hackathon and my reward is going with my team to Plano, Texas to meet some AT&T executives. I emailed the only other woman going asking what she thought appropriate attire was and I'm still confused. Clothes are confusing you guys.

I'm going to be there for 3 days, and I asked her if I needed to buy suits and if so how many would I need (like if we're only going to meet the execs on one day, it would make sense to be casual the other two). She said:

In general business casual was recommended – nice pants and blouse, but that at the Foundry, jeans and the feminine version of a polo shirt is commonplace.


I don't wear jeans or polo shirts. This seems like an instance of dressing like the men do as opposed to actually creating your own style within the constraints, and I'm not sure how my style fits in. I don't dress badly, in ripped jeans and printed t-shirts, but my usual outfit is something like this:

Or this:


I have no idea if these are the equivalent of "jeans and feminine polo shirt". I don't want to go out and buy clothing I will never wear again just because women in the Foundry dress like dudes so even though my clothing is nice, it's too feminine for them. Maybe I should just get business casual clothing for all 3 days and call it a day. :(


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