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Cloture Vote anxiety post-(updated-YES to proceed to debate. Murkowski votes no.) Collins, Flake, Manchin vote Yes to proceed

It’s an hour til the Senate does their Cloture vote on Kavanaugh.

If they get 50 today, they move to 30 hours of debate then vote again Saturday.

If they don’t get 50 votes—it’s dun dun dun.

CNN reporting that as 6 am they do not think they’ve got 50 votes.

They think they have Murkowski voting no but still unknown are Flake, Manchin and Collins. CNN saying whichever way Manchin goes he’s probably screwed because Trump will target him with his base, or he’ll piss of the democrats who elected him. The Democrats pulled their ad buy this week in W.Virginia so that’s not a good sign he has his party’s support.


Vote at 10:30 am. If they go on to debate, we also have one R senator who has his daughter’s wedding on Saturday morning so then they’d be down one if he chooses to give his daughter away at his wedding unless they delay the vote to accomodate him.

There was also something odd last night with Ben Sasse making a hollow speech on the floor condemning Trump’s talk about the assault victims who’ve come forward...THEN suddenly Sasse had to leave DC to deal with an “urgent problem” last night—his office said he would return but it would sure be easy to miss a connection and not make it back. Sasse was the only GOP committee member to go over to Dr Ford after her testimony and shake her hand and thank her for coming. He’s very ambitious and he’s young so he wants a life after Trump—and people have long memories. May be nothing but I’d kind of like to know what the urgent trip was for.


I hope if the nomination doesn’t pass that the deciding vote uses the big ol Thumbs down to vote. That needs to become tradition.

MSNBC reporting that Murkowski will speak on the floor today at 3 pm—so it’s possible she will vote yes to move to debate then she could still vote no tomorrow.


Argh.....just decide people!!!!

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