So I was sitting on a stool that is about 3 ft tall on Saturday while doing my makeup and the damn thing is already kind of rickety and of course my pregnant ass fell backwards off of it. Probably kinda funny if you saw it happen but I was at least able to break my fall with my arms so the trunk of my body didn't get the brunt of it. I was reading how babies often survive car accidents and the like from all the padding of fat and fluid around the uterus....So I thought I'd be fine. Baby kicked a little bit Saturday and a lot this morning but today he's been a lot quieter (but sometimes babies are like that).

Texting with a friend tonight, I mentioned it and she told me that a pregnant woman needs to get checked out if they fall but I'm not to go to the emergency room but to labor and delivery because I'm 24 weeks. I think if I showed up at L&D for a fall on Saturday they'd think I was crazy. Does this sound alarmist?

I was totally thinking I was okay but since baby is a little less active and my friends freaking me out I'm not sure. Like could that fall cause my placenta to tear away from the uterine lining? You'd think I'd bleed or have pain but I feel okay. Maybe I'll just call and speak with the on call physician.

Any sound advice for a first time prego faller?