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CMA edition of Good/Bad/Ugly on the mainpage

So, I've commented on the Good/Bad/Ugly posts on the mainpage, super catty about women's outfits or makeup, and today I decided that I won't anymore because it's not commenting on the merit of those people or the talent they possess. One of the "bad" is Brandy Clark, who was nominated for writing Momma's Broken Heart (a Miranda Lambert song). Jezebel shouldn't be commenting about her outfit being ugly (honestly, it's fine)... they should write a post about how she's amazing.

She's one of very few women (or men) in Nashville who are out. She's one of the songwriters who critics are saying can save country music from the terrible trucks/booze/rap mash-up crap that dominates now. I don't love country, but I like her music because it's smart - it's sad, but also clever and honest. She just released her own album, but previously co-wrote a big chunk of Kacey Musgraves' album, including Follow Your Arrow (love that one).

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