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C'mon, get happy with me!

My macbook went wonky 2 weeks ago so I took it to the Apple store. The diagnosis was grim. The $750 to send it out for a look with no guarantee of a fix was not worth paying so, I bought a new one. Went home with the old one & the new one still in its wrapper. Turned on the old one and it worked for an hour before crapping out. Then it worked for 3 hours before crapping out. The next day it worked all day. It still works. I kept the new one until today, the last day for a return. I NEVER GET THIS LUCKY!!! I’m so happy!

Plus, I love my new haircut. And, I’m deeply in love with a smokin’ hot, 55 year old man.

Gimme all your happy! Or your happy, funny gifs :)

ETA: This is my celebratory triumvirate of Judy Garland gifs


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