Welcome To The Bitchery

C'mon GT, you've never led me astray!

You guys helped me come up with a solution to my costume problem!

I have a tan blazer I can wear over the dress. It'l be perfect with my black converse and Tardis blue finger nails, and Tardis earrings.


I just need make-up advice. I don't really know how to make-up. I don't want anything too dramatic. I was thinking maybe a cat-eye sort of eyeliner (I've been practicing all week! I think I've got it, but of course what comes easy when you don't need it will be ridiculously hard when you really want it)... And no eye shadow? I was going to do a coral lipstick, but all my corals are SO BRIGHT. What color will bring out my lips without being so distracting?

And then I think I'll go with my normal BB cream and mascara unless you guys have some cooler advice!

XOXO and happy Halloween, GT!!

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