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C'mon, Trolls. Try Harder!

You guise. The unexpected mainpaging of that nonprofit Tumblr I posted yesterday has resulted in some truly lackluster trolling/general malcontent. For your reference:

This might be the single most boring Tumblr I have ever come across. It's about two steps below a Dilbert strip from the eighties.


Yeah, ok. I yawn in your general direction.

younger women dating older men | age single

There's not even a link here! Porny spam, you're doing it wrong! Try again!

1. Has job

2. Is complaining that it's not wonderful enough by posting snide and ineffectual things on the internet, largely a compilation of things other people made.

Guess the generation!



And we have the not entirely unexpected handful of people (*cough*peoplemeansinterns*cough*) who think that this Tumblr/all of us olds are really unfairly mean to interns. RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION!


So yeah. I give you a 3/10, grumpy commenters. DO BETTER NEXT TIME.


ETA: Oop, forgot this one who thinks I should shut up and be grateful because I get paid money to do my job!

I work at two non-profits. As a volunteer. Stop complaining,you get money!


ETA x 2: Um. now THIS is happening...

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