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CND Government cuts funding to program that targets recidivism among Sex Offenders

Circles of Support and Accountability is a program that has shown remarkable success in reducing recidivism among Sex Offenders. The most recent data shows:

83% reduction in recidivism for sexual offences.
73% reduction in recidivism for all types of violent offenses.
71% overall reduction of in all types of recidivism in comparison to matched groups of offenders who did not have a CoSA.

The program was started in Canada, but the model has spread to other countries such as Australia, the UK and the US.


It works by matching up sex offenders who have completed their prison sentences with a "circle" of people who commit to providing supports to the offender as they transition out of prison, but also to hold them accountable to their conditions of release.

No reason has been given for eliminating the funding for this program, but it seems to me that it does not fit in with priorities of the Federal Government, which emphasizes punishing offenders.


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