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CND Minister of Public Safety asks Corrections to Reverse cuts to Circles of Support and Accountability

Last night I posted about how the Canadian Government was cutting funding to Circles of Support and Accountabilty, a program that dramatically reduces to rate of recidivism among sex offenders. I forgot to put tags in that post, so here's a link to my original post:


Last night, I emailed my MP, Michael Chong, to express my concerns. When I got home from work today, this reply was sitting in my in box:

"Dear Ivriniel,

On behalf of Michael thank you for your email.

Michael has raised the issue with Minister Blaney who acknowledges that legitimate concerns have been expressed regarding Correctional Service Canada (CSC) funding being cut to Circles of Support and Accountability.


Earlier today, Minister Blaney indicated that the decision made by the CSC alone and has requested that they reconsider their decision to cut these funds.

We will continue to monitor the situation."

Mennonite Central Committee has also issued a press release with the same information.



So It looks like these cuts may well be reversed.

I also gotta say, I am impressed with how fast my MP's staff got back to me on this issue. Mind you, part of the riding extends into the Ontario Mennonite Heartland, so I am probably not the only person who emailed Michael Chong when Mennonite Central Committee raised the alarm about the cuts.


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