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An antivaxxer was interviewed on CNN. What is a level beyond rage?

She said

A) It would be better if my child got measles.

I wanted to yell "You willfully stupid excuse of a parent, when measles was prevelant 600 folks died a year. Many others went blind. Yes embrace your willful stupidity embrace fake science all you want but do not go crying that your child is dead or blind. It would be all YOUR fault."


B) when asked about other kids her child could infect and if one died how would you feel. Her response and this my rage meter went beyond ten. She said it would be like getting in a car acçident and hitting another car and killing a child.

"No it would be like saying 'to hell with the rules of driving, I will swerve all around the road, be on my cell phone drive 80mph in front of a school right before school starts and I will drive around the school over and over again'. This would be no accident. Not vaccinating you purposefully put at risk via your child, other children especially those with major health problems like cancer that cannot be vaccinated, seniors annd those adults like myself with compromised immune systems.

All because you do not give a shit about anyone else but yourself and your paranoid beliefs compounded with willful ignorance well in your case willful stupidity. My heart goes out to your daughter. You ARE an unfit mother."

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