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CNN Jeff Zucker Is The Worst Andrew Lack of NBC News Will Be if He Fails to Sign O'Donnell

Let’s see Zucker of CNN/HLN never fired Nancy Grace who on air drove a woman to suicide. Never suspended Don Lemon for getting drunk on air during the last New Years Eve show. Let go Soleded O’Brian I loved, loved her morning show.Now he let go Kathy Griffin. Who apologized on air and took full responsibility for I admit a truly tasteless joke. You do not joke about violent deaths of the president. The joke was NOT done on CNN time but her time.

So thanks Jeff now who in gods name will I watch New Years Eve? I finally found a close replacement for the late Dick Clark although no one will ever, ever replace The Eternal Teen, Dick Clark. Who? Ryan “Dick Clark wannabe” Seacrest? Gag me with a spoon.


Might as well give the time slot to Wolf Blitzer he has done everything else for CNN might as well have him do it with Anderson Cooper.

I hope Cooper refuses to do New Years Eve and stand with his friend Kathy Griffin. If he does he would be just like his mother Gloria Vanderbilt who based on her documentary tossed away friends when she no longer needed them like her own nanny who became her children’s nanny. Just forgot about her as she put it.


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