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CNN Kennedy Series Part 2 JFK Was An Ass

Really interesting series a true must watch. Ok I grew up my mother, a friend of my mothers and my late grandmother simply adored the Kennedy family. My mother still mentions where she was when JFK died. Her late friend talked where she was when JFK and Bobby died.

This episode told things I did not know. The episode cover the 1950s to JFK winning in 1960 then it stopped. Part 3 next week.

I really was disturbed about Jackie. She was at the start just a prop. Joe Sr believed you could not be president single one needs a wife. JFK found via dating the match Jackie. There was an early clip of them newlyweds he embraces her like she was his sister he then grabbed his friend’s wife hugged her then touched her rear. It was a wtf moment to see.


Robert Kennedy was there for Jackie’s second pregnancy when she miscarried late term. JFK was away with friends. His dad told him to leave and be with Jackie and he said “she will be fine”.

I really liked Bobby he was a poor athlete growing up and not a lot was expected. He became a Congressional lawyer and said he was going after organized crime. His father was furious for his safety then became super impressed.

Bobby and Ethel were a team. She helped him on what to ask and helped with his prep for the hearings. JFK and Jackie she semed there during this time to make JFK look good. She was a prop.

I did not know how bad his Addisons disease was nor that LBJ tried to use it against him during the convention.


That was 59 years ago. Hard to believe JFK had to insist his Catholic faith had nothing to do with him running. Fast forward now you have to believe in theocracy and Southern Baptist to win a republican nomination. Catholics though need not apply except as judges the Fundies sure do love Catholic judges.

I thought JFK was an ass but I have to admire how he ran and won his presidency with chronic pain and Addisons.


Interesting that after his failed surgery to help the Addisons he thought he was a short timer to live, he was right.

Who is watching the series?

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