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CNN Kennedy Series Who Watched? My Imagination Or Did Rose Come Across Badly?

First Martin Sheen is the perfect host for a show about the Kennedy family. He can host anything his voice is so calming.

Tonights episode focused on the parents through 1948. As parents go it was obvious they had favorites. Kathleen (Kick), Joe Jr and Jack.. I never knew about Kathleen I first thought it was Maria Shrivers mother but my mother said “no”.

Joe Sr wanted to make enough money so his kids can devote their lives to public service. He seemed to have been far more connected with their lives then Rose did. In the show there is a reference that she taught the boys to be good Catholics and her daughters to have many children.

Joe Sr was the one left to make the decision to lobotomize Rosemary. I had thought he wanted her mind wrecked to keep her “safe” because she was learning disabled. The documentary showed he really believed that lobotomizes which at the time was still experimental would stop her mood swings and violent outbursts. I had always hated Joe Sr until tonight.

It was Joe Sr who was told Jack was missing and considered dead during WW2. He kept the news to himself.


Rose when Kathleen was in England after the death of her husband dated a divorced man with a child. Kathleen’s husband a Brit had died in action during WW2. Rose realized the marriage would not be blessed in the Catholic Church since he was divorced disowned her. Seriously she put religion over her daughter.

Joe Sr was going to visit Kathleen when word of her death came. She, her bf and pilot were killed in a plane crash. Rose considered it Divine Punishment and only Joe Sr went to the funeral. I seriously disliked Rose. She was a well educated woman who should have known better instead she clung to her. Church over her own daughter.


I wikied Rosemary. With all the Kennedy wealth they sent her to Wisconsin and even during the JFK run let a lie about her being busy teaching and reclusive stand. Joe. Sr never visited her and Rose 20 years later. Horrible parents.

No reason why she could not have remained home they could afford the best at home care. .


Very good series so far. I learned a lot.

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