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CNN Sends a Sketch Artist

Due to the fact that Spicy won’t appear on camera much these days, CNN decided to send a sketch artist to cover it. (Doesn’t he look good? Not fat at all, Steve.)

Personally I think this is pretty funny but some people are not having it.

“Dear @CNN, I don’t want to see drawings by your sketch artist. I want to see you refuse to turn off your cameras when ordered by Trump & Co.,” wrote environmental scientist Peter Gleick.


And of course, conservatives are all like: Leftists are having meltdowns!

“File this one under, ‘no, this not a joke,’” wrote NewsBusters. “For Friday’s off-camera White House press briefing, CNN hired a sketch artist to render images of press secretary Sean Spicer as yet another example of their pathetic meltdowns over the Trump communications team’s decisions about access.”

It’s only Day 154, guys!


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