I was wondering why Kate Bolduan was on at 11am and not at her morning show. Well she got back from maternity leave and was replaced. Jeff Zucker is such a horrible misogynist piece of garbage. He shafted their best anchor Soledad O'Brien he said she would do documentaries for him. Well its been a while since her last one. Kyra Phillips shortly after she came back from having twins he sent her to HLN then dumped her. She was supurb at interviews and anchoring.

By what he did with Bolduan is a clear message to CNN anchors not to get pregnant and if you take maternity leave you may be transferred to a worst slot.

When will CNN get rid of him. He has sent the network into a tailspin with his garbage series that is not about news, the show with the chef and the former QVC host. He trashed HLN by turning it into the Forensic Files network. What happened to a news station giving news. Also not firing hosts for idiotic statements like asking if a plane could have entered a black hole.