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CNN's Jeff Zucker has a serious problem with women anchors

Every Saturday morning at 9:30AM I watch Your Money with Christine Romans. Very good financial anchor and interview. Nope not on. Now it Michael Smerconish.

Last week Monday to Friday at 9am to 11am he pushed out Carol Costello, one of their best interviewers, with Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper. Both said they were filling in. Seriously she is incompetent to do the Ukraine coverage?


From 7 to 9am it used to be Soledad O'Brien clearly the best person on CNN. Oops Zucker comes along and fires her. He ultimately puts in Coumo (if it wasn't for his name he would be lucky if a local station would have him) and Kate Bouldain (sp?) who is such a throwback to the 1970s female anchors. She does some banter but to me is such a lightweight. Fredericka Whitfield would have been far better.

Zucker though seems to think women anchors are best suited for lighter news or legal stories. Ashleigh Banfield is far better then just an anchor devoted to crime stories. On Zucker's sister channel HLN Robin Meade and Lynn Berry do news in the lightest way possible its almost all fluff in the mornings.


Yes there is Jane Valez Mitchell and Nancy Grace but again its all legal crime stories they don't touch serious breaking news like wars or politics. Erin Burnett sometimes I wonder if Zucker keeps her because she is so proWall Street. Soledad, Whitfield or Jessica Yellen would have been better choices.

Just my opinion. I have too many.

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