OMG I feel like I am going to screw up my child.

My son is starting TK in September. His dad and I have a good relationship and will have a 50-50 arrangement. Thus far, as his dad has been on a work project, I have had my son during the week and his dad on the weekends, with a lot of flexibility for work schedules, traveling, etc.

Basically, my son bounces around quite a bit, only between his dad and I and two sets of grandparents (he’s close with all). Doesn’t seem to impact him in the slightest, but he’s just under 5 years.

When he starts school his dad and I will switch to a week on-off schedule. I, of course, am anxious...because I typically have him more now, and it makes me sad.

Everything I read online is confusing. The 50-50 arrangement is a non-negotiable, we both are involved. We are both in the same city and, in fact, will be living a block from one another. We’ve committed to staying here until he’s done with school. We are on good terms, we meet for meals and drinks often with my son, either for transferring or if one of us hasn’t seen him for awhile.

I just want what will be least disruptive, given the circumstances, for him. I assume perhaps a Sunday evening transfer would be best? Anyone with experience or knowledgable opinions, or any opinions I guess?